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February 26, 2005


who eez eet? whooooo? 'allo friend...

posted by Neha
3:11 PM


it's a night, like so many before

February 24, 2005

if you have a routine to doing anything, you will know how i feel. in the flow of things, memory latches onto differences in what is noticed the most. sounds are my thing. i associate past actions and feed my temporal memory with sounds. my history (as i hear it) is but a bunch of vh-1 hours.

so imagine my giddy, starry-eyed prostration (what? it's too exaggerated? don't believe me?) at the newnew order. get it, you need it, you you and you, need it, youneedit. it is a beast from the past but i wouldn't have known it (had i not seen it in the past) as the album is pure classic. i'm having trouble ordering the tracks from fabbo to not-so, they are all wicked.

gotta go...need more, need more bittersweet brain-pop-fluid...

posted by Neha
7:05 PM


it will soon be time...*mad laughter ensues*

February 23, 2005

the next few weeks of my life are but time-pass until IT plays elderflower to mine sore eyes...ITS hold over my imagination is suffocating...
'hitchhiker's guide' is coming soon to theatre near us, people! the trailers i've seen (to be found here and here) are frustratingly small in size, but hoo boy does this movie look good.
[hi-five, brit-racer, for hook up, YEAH!]

posted by Neha
8:17 PM


J.C., old friend, I always knew ye weren't a natural blonde

February 22, 2005

it is truly a miracle. due to a dearth of grilled cheese sandwiches in the indian subcontinent, it is only fitting that j.c.'s medium of choice in that area is a chapati. the bbc reported a divine sighting of burn marks on a chapati that look strangely familiar. true, this happened years ago, but i'm just hearing about it so spew, i will. c'mon, even the skeptics are apparently turning...
Anil Philip, a young freelance journalist, says initially he was skeptical about the shape of Jesus emerging on the surface of a chapati. "But after a couple of visits, I experienced a different feeling," he said.

...poor fellow, sounds hungry.

posted by Neha
10:56 AM


look ma, manicured nails!

February 21, 2005

i've got bitch nails, BOOYA. they be long with white tips and fake like lindsey lohan's boobs *gasp*. they be shiny and smooth. they be GORGEOUS. it's the first fake thing thing i've ever had. my life has taken on a new direction. first nails, then hair, then assplants (not soon enough, i say).

wow, i feel so woe-of-manly, so unable to open a can of pop. i want to know what it feels like to say "shoot, i broke a nail!" or even "shoot, there's only flesh where my nail once was!". maybe i'll take a picture of them with my no-pixel webcam for everyone's 'ooh-ing' pleasure (not flesh yet, just nail).

ten bucks says the index nails rips off within two days, any takers?

posted by Neha
4:33 PM


coffee, why won't you get made already?

February 19, 2005

i'm mighty tiffed, really wanted to chill with the dubai-ans last eve. but i lost the battle to indian standard time. not-so-funny enough, it also managed to shift from 1 and 1/2 hours later to pretty much never. i'm mighty tiffed. dubai-ans herding themselves across the urban sprawl from three different subarbs managed to meet up somewhere in the burbs, but never made it down here to the border burbs.

i find myself bordering all and nothing on the cusp of a suburban black hole.

posted by Neha
12:05 PM


someone's been doing a little thinking...

February 16, 2005

thought i would share this smidgen of interest, a good article really.

"Foreign workers are indispensable to American science and engineering; one out of five US scientists and engineers are foreign-born. Yet, the number of skilled workers immigrating to the United States has declined by 27 per cent between 2001 and 2003" the report said.

i'm feeling pleasantly surprised at who graced the AeA director's meeting this month. da main man "darrell" doesn't impress me much but i sure do like his "other brother darrell". the bushes are like the spice girls, suited to many personality types, and even specific behavioural preferences.

oh jeb, you gentle giant, you're undoubtedly more my type of leader (of the free world, yadda, yadda). may you father many children and may your line run forever and ever and ever...wait a minute, i think i've just been brainwashed dammit!

posted by Neha
11:06 PM


don't JUST google it...

February 15, 2005

"Currylizzles. Freak y'all, into the beat y'all. Sublingual Ruminizzle of Identified Spicy Objects so bow down to the bow wow."

eeeheeheehee, Gizoogle it.
{gracias D-babu., you have pleased me indeedy. now go do the dishes, suga-darling, xoxo.}

posted by Neha
8:18 PM


can you hear it...?

February 14, 2005

that's the sound of a meeeellion precious autos making their way to a most exciting spectacle. when i die i'm not going to heaven...i'm going to the Autoshow !

posted by Neha
11:00 PM


grammy phrammy, i say

February 13, 2005

the grammy bash begins with maroon 5, where's that darn cable cord? it comes in handy for suffacation purposes. this is what i've been waiting for all of two minutes? arrrgh, alicia keyes, stop hauntin me woman. caint git a moments rest, all i hears is those 8 notes offa that usher tune, over and over again. the horror, the horror.

on a happier note...sex workers of the world unite, the means are in your hands. regina (rhymes with...) lynn's sex drive, last week, was most informative: "Hooked-up hookers have no need for pimps to solicit business for them". girlxxxware power, yo.

sometimes it's like my every action conspires to produce the next blog rant. so after pondering regina-rhymes-with-...'s ideas i made my way to vice mag (finally, the sex issue!) for my monthly dose of rude awakenings. and the seed of thought sowed earlier recieved a whole lotta sunshine with the following article. so that's what freedom is! porno! why on earth did they go into iraq with tanks and planes, i wonder. coulda/shoulda/woulda been some angelina jolie-type, near naked fembots. if you wanna know what that may have avoided then read the next article "me so horny". i'm refraining from linking due to some serious retch content, do if you dare.

for real though, the arab world needs some lovin. some sexual healing. what happened to the harems? oh wait, that forced service ideal isn't looked upon so keen anymore is it. this brings me back to the porn-tech dealy. useful idea, that. would work wonders for the arab world. killer spread of information in a world of firewalls. nope hope of sex in any way being accepted in the public eye over there. so instead of getting beat up over it, folks will try harder to stay not caught. or stop having/thinking about illicit sex, HA! yea, that's funny!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...screamin like a tweenie, usher's on, gotta go...

posted by Neha
8:12 PM


ha ha hee hee hoo hoo

February 03, 2005

anyone catch that state of the union address i was trying to avoid all last night? tell me someone taped it? bec. i missed it....on purpose. but now that i've read this, i want a taped copy, some friends, and a bunch of beer.

posted by Neha
9:24 PM


i have book-back and my eyes are all squinty...

the weather's lovely, the work day is over, the body's sprawling in relief, and the compu's fresh of the reinstall boat...i think it's 'blo' to the 'g' time again!

let's begin with last night, instead of trekking across time and space to the show mentioned in preceeding post, i sutaibly rid myself of some disposable income on a chapters spree. i now stand show-less but not in the least know-less *hyuk hyuk* and those damn-fool dollar bills have finally left me in peace.

the list of reads, in reading order:
da vinci code/dan brown - started this puppy last night, so far it is an even balance between interesting/bizarro fact and pure fiction, all wrapped in average writing. the objects of brown's mind, however, keep me wanting more, i'm unable to put it down. whodunnit? ahhh, she's a guilty pleasure, this one, churches, and j.c., and symbolism galore.

adrian mole and the weapons of mass destruction/sue townsend - i've waited five years for this book. it might be the last in the series, so i'm going to read it nice n slow to make it last forever. and when it makes me laugh, i'll do that laugh/cry bipolar thing. and when i think about how it's the last, i'll think about happy days when adrian was just a wee teen. and when i grow up, i'm going to MARRY this BOOK dammit. {yes, slim, you may borrow the book, but under no circumstance will you stroke the spine in a come hither manner...she's MINE!}

collapse/jared diamond - this one's actually for my boy but i shall claw it soon enough. looking very good indeed, very unlike a da vinci code, the fiction is replaced with studious theory that promises to hit much closer to home.

posted by Neha
7:38 PM