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someone's been doing a little thinking...

February 16, 2005

thought i would share this smidgen of interest, a good article really.

"Foreign workers are indispensable to American science and engineering; one out of five US scientists and engineers are foreign-born. Yet, the number of skilled workers immigrating to the United States has declined by 27 per cent between 2001 and 2003" the report said.

i'm feeling pleasantly surprised at who graced the AeA director's meeting this month. da main man "darrell" doesn't impress me much but i sure do like his "other brother darrell". the bushes are like the spice girls, suited to many personality types, and even specific behavioural preferences.

oh jeb, you gentle giant, you're undoubtedly more my type of leader (of the free world, yadda, yadda). may you father many children and may your line run forever and ever and ever...wait a minute, i think i've just been brainwashed dammit!

posted by Neha
11:06 PM


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