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grammy phrammy, i say

February 13, 2005

the grammy bash begins with maroon 5, where's that darn cable cord? it comes in handy for suffacation purposes. this is what i've been waiting for all of two minutes? arrrgh, alicia keyes, stop hauntin me woman. caint git a moments rest, all i hears is those 8 notes offa that usher tune, over and over again. the horror, the horror.

on a happier note...sex workers of the world unite, the means are in your hands. regina (rhymes with...) lynn's sex drive, last week, was most informative: "Hooked-up hookers have no need for pimps to solicit business for them". girlxxxware power, yo.

sometimes it's like my every action conspires to produce the next blog rant. so after pondering regina-rhymes-with-...'s ideas i made my way to vice mag (finally, the sex issue!) for my monthly dose of rude awakenings. and the seed of thought sowed earlier recieved a whole lotta sunshine with the following article. so that's what freedom is! porno! why on earth did they go into iraq with tanks and planes, i wonder. coulda/shoulda/woulda been some angelina jolie-type, near naked fembots. if you wanna know what that may have avoided then read the next article "me so horny". i'm refraining from linking due to some serious retch content, do if you dare.

for real though, the arab world needs some lovin. some sexual healing. what happened to the harems? oh wait, that forced service ideal isn't looked upon so keen anymore is it. this brings me back to the porn-tech dealy. useful idea, that. would work wonders for the arab world. killer spread of information in a world of firewalls. nope hope of sex in any way being accepted in the public eye over there. so instead of getting beat up over it, folks will try harder to stay not caught. or stop having/thinking about illicit sex, HA! yea, that's funny!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...screamin like a tweenie, usher's on, gotta go...

posted by Neha
8:12 PM


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