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look ma, manicured nails!

February 21, 2005

i've got bitch nails, BOOYA. they be long with white tips and fake like lindsey lohan's boobs *gasp*. they be shiny and smooth. they be GORGEOUS. it's the first fake thing thing i've ever had. my life has taken on a new direction. first nails, then hair, then assplants (not soon enough, i say).

wow, i feel so woe-of-manly, so unable to open a can of pop. i want to know what it feels like to say "shoot, i broke a nail!" or even "shoot, there's only flesh where my nail once was!". maybe i'll take a picture of them with my no-pixel webcam for everyone's 'ooh-ing' pleasure (not flesh yet, just nail).

ten bucks says the index nails rips off within two days, any takers?

posted by Neha
4:33 PM


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