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i have book-back and my eyes are all squinty...

February 03, 2005

the weather's lovely, the work day is over, the body's sprawling in relief, and the compu's fresh of the reinstall boat...i think it's 'blo' to the 'g' time again!

let's begin with last night, instead of trekking across time and space to the show mentioned in preceeding post, i sutaibly rid myself of some disposable income on a chapters spree. i now stand show-less but not in the least know-less *hyuk hyuk* and those damn-fool dollar bills have finally left me in peace.

the list of reads, in reading order:
da vinci code/dan brown - started this puppy last night, so far it is an even balance between interesting/bizarro fact and pure fiction, all wrapped in average writing. the objects of brown's mind, however, keep me wanting more, i'm unable to put it down. whodunnit? ahhh, she's a guilty pleasure, this one, churches, and j.c., and symbolism galore.

adrian mole and the weapons of mass destruction/sue townsend - i've waited five years for this book. it might be the last in the series, so i'm going to read it nice n slow to make it last forever. and when it makes me laugh, i'll do that laugh/cry bipolar thing. and when i think about how it's the last, i'll think about happy days when adrian was just a wee teen. and when i grow up, i'm going to MARRY this BOOK dammit. {yes, slim, you may borrow the book, but under no circumstance will you stroke the spine in a come hither manner...she's MINE!}

collapse/jared diamond - this one's actually for my boy but i shall claw it soon enough. looking very good indeed, very unlike a da vinci code, the fiction is replaced with studious theory that promises to hit much closer to home.

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7:38 PM


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