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The 5:00 Free Crack Giveaway

February 27, 2006

I really wanted to get down and dirty on the blog today with an update on this weekend's hyperactivity but it will have to wait a day longer. Ceepee is truly one amazing humanoid for having scored us tickets to Dave Chappelle's Block Party premiere tonight. Since I only found out it was today at 8:30 this morning I am in one miffed hurry to get things sorted at work before making a stealthy escape. Oh lordy, this is some wetspot inducing excitement, let me tells ya.

In other exciting news, I AM GOING TO SEE HOTCHIP ON THE 15TH. MUAHAHAHAHA. Bird, I love you for snagging the ticks because they will surely be gone soon. Can't wait, lalalala, March is going to kick ass.

hotchip tickets

posted by Neha
3:08 PM


Love Is All I Bring

February 22, 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Quite possibly one of the best singles EVER released, Althea & Donna’s ’Uptown Top Ranking’…Listen to how amazing this tune is! Aaargh, makes me want to get decked up and drive around the block. I had forgotten all about it for years until a few days ago when I woke up in the middle of the night singing the entire first para IN MY HEAD. The 'one hit wonder' is a powerful thing.

posted by Neha
3:05 PM


Is Nothing Sacred?

February 17, 2006

The first rule of Bollywood is...there are no bloody rules, bitches!

Nooooo, anything but Fight Club! Feeling angry. Don't know why. Finding it hard to keep optimistic about Hindi cinema. Have a look at the trailers, you may find yourself in the same state.

Thanks, Ceepee, for keeping on top of things.


Desperately in search of a parody I meandered through You Tube's offerings and came across this...Bollylicious:

Ok, so we've got the whole lame fob bit with the sitar, spices, basmati, papad, Microsoft tee and microsmall shorts BUT we've also got desi dudes doing The Carlton, getting hoochie, and dancing to Sir Mix-A-Lot. Next time, more dudes with fit legs in skirts please.

posted by Neha
7:43 PM


Dacoit Of My Dreams

So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

- Bill (Sonnet 18)

A few weeks ago, in the store down my street with the fake gorilla out front, I saw the most adorafreaky little thing. He had cute little paws and a soft brown and white coat. Apparently I kept talking about him so much that on Tuesday I came home to find the very object of my affection just sitting there on my dresser and looking desperately in need of a petting. Meet my new friend, Dakoo:

little guybff

*sigh* We're going to have so much fun together.

Come to this party on the 24th. I will be teetering at the door.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

We want YOU.

don't give up on a tough teenagehere come the hotsteppa

Like the flyer says, free ladies will be given away...I can't wait!

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1:19 PM


My, my, my, my...

February 15, 2006

Courtesy of the wunnerful Mizz Fresh at Crunktastical, Hammer has a new viddy. It's that *time* again:

Sounds like a ruined version of 'The Whisper Song'. Talented dancing in the vid though. From everyone other than M.C. that is. I love breaking it down as much as the next gally but this shit does nothing to make me want to put on my black bike shorts and mustard dress jacket. He does seem like a nice chap (based on The Surreal Life) so I'm glad he isn't still doing used car commericals for Fox Rochester.

Damn, that's two Hammer post-titles in a row.

posted by Neha
7:46 PM


2 Legit 2 Quit

February 14, 2006

As I made my way through the front doors and past The Rex I found myself standing on a pavement littered with hearts. I followed one to beyond all the way to Osgoode, there were hundreds of them in chalk and paint, lying against a harsh footpath. People bumped into each other with eyes drawn to the ground in puzzled amusement. At the hot dog stand on the corner the largest heart of them all stared me in the face and warmed my bitter...heart, of course. In it lay the link 'www.newmindspace.com'. Thank you for making my day you cheeky cherubs.

Last December marked my one-year anniversary with this here humble blog and akin to what they say about marriage the honeymoon is indeed over. Beginning with the dots dark template, I managed to squeeze some knowledge of CSS and HTML into my noggin in order to change the page to my liking. Being very inexperienced with coding and faced with the sophisticated lingo of the template page I decided to hunt for a newer, simpler design altogether. While meandering through pages of linkware I settled for the current one and taught myself to use a very small portion of the massively powerful Dreamweaver web development tool. The result is what you see before you today. Those were happy times when a sense of accomplishment encompassed my small world. Almost a year later I am again in a state of disillusion. I need more. More options. More server space. More freedom. More pretty pictures. More kickass tunes to give you. Blogspot is unparalleled in terms of free blogging but I need to outgrow it.

Last Friday, Rajbo was feeling the movement of a similar keeda (bug) up his bum. You may not know this about him because I may not have mentioned it but Rajbo posses a superior intellect and astonishing ability in the area of web development. A few years ago, in 2002-03, before the now indispensable audioscrobbler/last.fm deal, Rajbo created a music recommendation engine by crawling p2p networks in order to derive correlations between artists. The only words that came out of his sweet mouth for a good year were 'data mining' and 'collaborative filtering'. He generated an impressive database from crawling the Soulseek and Gnutella networks and created a wicked site at echocloud.net. The best part was that the more obscure the taste the better the program worked! Echocloud data was even used to write a research paper all the way off in Germany.

Two years ago, Rajbo found that he indeed did not have the time to keep up the mining and decided to donate his data to some chap in Europe. That was the end of that and the stage was set for earlier mentioned keeda. So, I am thinking of embarking on a redesign project with his help. We will pool our assets to find some server space, I will learn how to use the rest of Dreamweaver and create a kickass non-blogger blog (respect!) and he will create something maddeningly exciting for hisself. Perhaps he will start a blog of his own after having said nay for so long. My mind is giddy with comparisons, like I squealed over and over to Rajbo, "just like Dooce and Blurbomat!" And then he said, "Arrgh! Stop saying that word, stop saying Blurbomat! WTF is that!"

Happy Valentine's, y'all, gives yer man/lady/pet/mama/pops/pillow some hugs and love from me too.

stubborn blinkers series

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1:11 PM


Mongrel music for a mongrel world

February 13, 2006

I wub Jahcoozi.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This hype Berlin-based trio is made up of MC and singer Sasha Perera (London), bassman Oren Gerlitz (Tel Aviv) and Robot Koch (Berlin) on laptop and drums. From their My Space page: "Blip hop, ragga-tech, RnB punk, click pop illectronica? Pop? A Shakespeare’s Sister - Neptunes collabo?!!" Definitely a band of roughians to watch out for. 'Half Pure Breed Mongrel' [Ed. - Get off my back, dad!] comes as a surprise to me because I didn't know what to expect on first listen, my only previous experience being Sacha Perera's appearance on the Modeselektor album (on 'Silikon'). This new platter has some crazy fire on it that can clearly translate into big things on a live stage. While the beats are supremely dancefloor-friendly the 'tude is not for the pop-hearted. It reeks satire from the first track ('Black Barbie') which makes the album a blast to listen to. 'Asian Bride Magazine' is deffo a personal fav (how could it not be?) and had me grinning from ear to ear: "Thank you, L'Oréal, now there's products for us/Daily use gonna help us to pretend that we're high caste/ Bleach our skin, lighten our moustache."

Perera is Londoner of Sri Lankan origin and yes she does do the whole raggamuffin bit with her voice but the comparison to M.I.A. ends there. Unlike Mizz Maya ('Sunshowers' chorus anyone?), this lady can really sing. Though the Modeselektor track made it hard to avoid drawing similarities, with this album it becomes clear that Perera is in a league of her own when it comes to her wonderfully husky vocal capability. More like the other major 'M' in my life, Missy, in sound. Jahcoozi has made a great debut both in the full-length world and in my hungry ears (I know it came out last year, smartass).

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Run in and cop a listen on their My Space profile.

posted by Neha
4:26 PM


Four About Nine

February 09, 2006

I have been tagged by Badmash...

4 Jobs

- Pest control manager for a software firm: "No you CAN'T talk to Lyndon unless you pay my ass, bitch!"
- Working at the above software firm the next summer doing nothing but playing online games with my boss and taking smoke breaks...tech booms are awesome
- Getting paid in fame (ha!) for various tag team efforts with the apple of my eye, Tinmeister, involving clothes, coloured contacts, lights, camera, cameraman, Gulf News, artificial cup-size enhancers, aaaand ACTION...sigh, those were some good times, Tina molay
- On the receiving end of a 1-800 line for a production house that made 'The Gospel of John'

4 Movies (off the top of my head)

- The Hunt for Red October
- A History of Violence
- Lost Highway
- Harold & Kumar
If I could stir these up into a drink it would be as palatable as drinking beer, milk, vodka and te-kill-ya in one sitting.

4 Places I've Lived

- Sharjah, U.A.E.
- Calgary, Alberta
- Sackvegas, New Brunswick
- Toronto, Ontario

4 TV Shows

- America's Next Top Model (like CANDAY!)
- My Name is Earl ("Ain't no use running, fool! I know where your mama parks your house!")
- 24 (Jack Bauer narrates my dreams)
- American Idol (no shame!)

4 Vacations

- N & S Western India
- Carrara, Italy
- London, England
- L.A. to Ensenada

4 Foods (that I could eat right now even though I just ate 15 pieces of kapa maki)

- Paneer, especially in makhani or tikka form
- Channa masala
- Yam tempura
- Pofaki!

4 Places I'd Rather Be

- Machu Picchu
- Dancing my ass off to some over-the-top Now 90s mix in a Mumbai hall full of desi dance machines
- Drinking feni and smoking fat beedis with Tina in a hut on the Goan coast
- Auroville with my fam

4 Sites

- Four Four
- Digg
- Sepia Mutiny
- Paved

4 Bloggers with some meme-ingful work ahead

- Veevek the Crazy Nomad (I don't care if you have homework!)
- Suesse Dani (kühle blogwelt!)
- Boot (I don't care if you have homework!)
- Rich (though this is totally not something I would expect to come across on your blog, I still want to leave the option out there for you to grab because curiosity is killing this cat! Meow!)

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4:00 PM


Working up a black sweat

February 07, 2006

I got up this morning with the weight of a thousand oversized bottles of Cutty Sark on my sinuses. So I worked from home, which is a really good time if you (like me) have been in the mood to listen to some Prince at deafening levels ever since Rich posted about him out of the blue. I gave up the work a little while ago because things became far to swimmy to be able to concentrate and I was afraid I'd end up sending emails I may regret tomorrow. Lucky for me blogging requires no concentrated ability or self-censorship whatsoever!

If you can't beat your fever then your best bet would be to just sit back and enjoy the fuzzy and numb sensory experience. Watching Prince videos while in this feverish state of heightened sensitivity to all stimuli is like experiencing that weird tantric shit that gets talked about every weekend on the Life channel, after hours of course. Where it's just two naked people lying really far away from each other but gyrating and moaning as if they were really in much closer proximity. Ya, that is EXACTLY what happens in your head when you watch Prince videos while running a fever. Especially comeback videos, I almost had a heart attack, when I saw this:

And then there's his SNL stint from last Saturday, which is blowing my mind. He is not a man, he is a god, behold:

Those back up dancers are fantastic! I totally love both these tunes, 'Black Sweat' for its killer beat that one can't help but gyrate to and 'Fury' for its SHREDDING. Can't wait for '3121' to come out. For a laugh, here's the Chappelle's Show take on Prince shooting some hoops.

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4:54 PM


Queen Street Man

February 05, 2006

Welcome to my neighbourhood. Hahahaha, fucking hipsters.

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11:26 AM


Bigmouth Strikes Again

February 03, 2006


I have in my possession a certain wicked new tune by a charming man who I want but can't have and it's driving me mad. The ditty is quickly being pulled from various sites that it was leaked to and it pretty much fell off the back of a truck and into my lap so in that sense it is hot hot hot...I haven't heard it yet but plan to when I gits home...in the by and by...if anyone is interested...I am sending it out.

I really do love all of you THAT MUCH for bearing with my poor posting frequency...don't worry, all boring things come to an end too...here's some pasty Canadian love to tide you over...

make out

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4:53 PM