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2 Legit 2 Quit

February 14, 2006

As I made my way through the front doors and past The Rex I found myself standing on a pavement littered with hearts. I followed one to beyond all the way to Osgoode, there were hundreds of them in chalk and paint, lying against a harsh footpath. People bumped into each other with eyes drawn to the ground in puzzled amusement. At the hot dog stand on the corner the largest heart of them all stared me in the face and warmed my bitter...heart, of course. In it lay the link 'www.newmindspace.com'. Thank you for making my day you cheeky cherubs.

Last December marked my one-year anniversary with this here humble blog and akin to what they say about marriage the honeymoon is indeed over. Beginning with the dots dark template, I managed to squeeze some knowledge of CSS and HTML into my noggin in order to change the page to my liking. Being very inexperienced with coding and faced with the sophisticated lingo of the template page I decided to hunt for a newer, simpler design altogether. While meandering through pages of linkware I settled for the current one and taught myself to use a very small portion of the massively powerful Dreamweaver web development tool. The result is what you see before you today. Those were happy times when a sense of accomplishment encompassed my small world. Almost a year later I am again in a state of disillusion. I need more. More options. More server space. More freedom. More pretty pictures. More kickass tunes to give you. Blogspot is unparalleled in terms of free blogging but I need to outgrow it.

Last Friday, Rajbo was feeling the movement of a similar keeda (bug) up his bum. You may not know this about him because I may not have mentioned it but Rajbo posses a superior intellect and astonishing ability in the area of web development. A few years ago, in 2002-03, before the now indispensable audioscrobbler/last.fm deal, Rajbo created a music recommendation engine by crawling p2p networks in order to derive correlations between artists. The only words that came out of his sweet mouth for a good year were 'data mining' and 'collaborative filtering'. He generated an impressive database from crawling the Soulseek and Gnutella networks and created a wicked site at echocloud.net. The best part was that the more obscure the taste the better the program worked! Echocloud data was even used to write a research paper all the way off in Germany.

Two years ago, Rajbo found that he indeed did not have the time to keep up the mining and decided to donate his data to some chap in Europe. That was the end of that and the stage was set for earlier mentioned keeda. So, I am thinking of embarking on a redesign project with his help. We will pool our assets to find some server space, I will learn how to use the rest of Dreamweaver and create a kickass non-blogger blog (respect!) and he will create something maddeningly exciting for hisself. Perhaps he will start a blog of his own after having said nay for so long. My mind is giddy with comparisons, like I squealed over and over to Rajbo, "just like Dooce and Blurbomat!" And then he said, "Arrgh! Stop saying that word, stop saying Blurbomat! WTF is that!"

Happy Valentine's, y'all, gives yer man/lady/pet/mama/pops/pillow some hugs and love from me too.

stubborn blinkers series

posted by Neha
1:11 PM


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