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Funny Ha Ha

March 17, 2006

Hot Chip blew my mind, mang! Not going to say any more, the commentary will follow once I get the pictures and viddy up. I've been wrastling with Linux at home, it is a strange OS, I can't find a thing. Tried to upload to Flickr this morning but couldn't find my pictures folder anywheres in the Ubuntu jungle. Feeling quite ignorant about that. Rajbo needs to school my ass before I start acting out the "2001: A Space Odyssey" scene in Zoolander. Ooo oo OO AAA AHAH.

+ Chewy has a blog which is completely silly and a barrel of hairy fun. Sorry, Cee Pee, the address isn't 'Chewblogga', ha. It's "rrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnhhhh". Ahahaha, rrrr, that's funny see. Anyway, the last post had me bawling, "HAMUrhRRRRRRRRRRn Tarrrrrrrrgh"!

+ Remember Chuck Norris Facts, well here are some facts after my own heart...Jack Bauer Facts! Aaaaamazing!

- "Killing Jack Bauer doesn't make him dead. It just makes him angry."

- "Jack and Jill went up the hill. Only Jack came down. Jill was a fucking terrorist."

- "Jack Bauer can eat just one Lay's Potato Chip. Don't tell Jack what he can't fucking do."

+ Did anyone watch American Inventor last night? Here's a live blog recap if you didn't. The one desi that showed up was adorable, sweet, polite, and completely out of his damn mind. Invention #10 in the recap. His "invention" was clothing for cars. His presentation consisted of a tiny toy car and some pieces of cardboard with different patterns (Tropical print for the beach! Baseball print for taking in a baseball game!) that he folded over said toy car and...Voila! A "Versace suit" for your car so you can "arrive in style". GROAN. He kept smiling sweetly even when the judges turned him down with completely dumbfounded looks on their faces. Awww, I wanted to give him a big hug.

+ Saving the best for last, here is a video of a graduation drill for an Iranian Women Police training course. These ladies look hella tough! Scaling heights, chasing bad guys, dismantling bombs, beating criminals, and doing crazy sword routines...all in hijab. Much respect.

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