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The Unbearable Airiness of Airporting

July 02, 2005

Damn you, blog. I just purchased a pen for $5.29 to write this down on a limo flyer. That's the price of a maple leaf (including taxes, of course). Does write rather nicely...

10:07 pm, departure time was to be 10:15 pm. Boarding is a constant distant...hey, there's a plane. She's easing in this a way...nice. Lady next to me is writing too, in a pretty diary. Hot dang, she's got PAGES...

...k, I've just run like sonic the hedgehog to get to my real gate. Apparently the Gate 525 that's clearly stated on my boarding pass is only a joke. Ha ha. Fooled you! Air Crazyda. No changes announced, nothing. Now I'm on the plane and they're still counting missing heads. I haven't read the news in two days and I'm too late to snag an English paper. Bet my lacto-ovo meal has transformed into rubbery chicken too. Ah, the life of an economy class eggitarian.

They're showing nature vids while we wait for the missing persons. Magnified images of flowers blooming in slow motion. Flowers with extravagantly protruding reproductive organs, slowly opening, some quivering, pollen everywhere. What de fuck is going on? This is instense. Are they trying to calm us by inducing thoughts of carnal pleasure into our collective sub-conscious? Doubt anyone's buying (except me I guess, "oooo, sexy flower, what nice petals you have, rrrr"). This is a flight to Manchester for fuck's sake, there's only about 5 full sets of non-denture teeth in here! There's a lady across the aisle, she's 85 and this is her first flight EVER. She's brave and excited, so sweet. She doesn't seem too bothered about the delay, surprisingly, must be the flowers. Dammit, I've run out of flyer space...

posted by Neha
11:00 PM


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