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At least life can't dooce me

July 27, 2005

It feels. It feels. Like home. Got back home from my trip home. If home is where the heart is then my mine heart and home is split in two parts of equal volume. Here is what I came back to:

1. A heat wave.
2. One a/c limited to bedroom.
3. *Charmingly* messy residential unit.
4. Rajbo.
5. Rajbo's ass-slaps.
6. Dead plants.
7. Work.
8. Uncensored internet.
9. Massive bed with new Pakistani cotton sheets (screw Egyptian, I like me some cheap cotton).
10. Nostalgic memories of my family (complete with soft lighting).
11. A lonely longing for Tina.
12. Two more broken bowls and a couple glasses the same.
13. Rajbo's new hairdo (this may mean I'm no longer his unpaid hairdresser, he has seen the light).
14. TTC metro.
15. Prince Fantastik.
16. George Stroumboulopoulos.
17. Canadian Idol.
18. Rains.
19. 14 hours of daylight everyday.
20. Poutine.
21. People that don't stare.
22. Long green grass.
23. The scent of flowers.
24. Freeway noise.
25. Bagels.
26. 8/1 long weekend.

Yes ji, the spice is back in attack. Thanks to everyone at home (nonono the OTHER home, Dxb) who stayed up past bedtimes and took too-long lunches just to show me a good time. To the bloggers, y'all are just as impressive (read: SEXAY!) in person as in script. I had the BEST time, lovelies, but it's back to the grind for me. Posting shall resume as per normal but with a twist perhaps...suddenly I don't feel so wary of taking a more personal vein. A little less linky, a little more thinky. That is the order of the new day. Let's see how long it lasts...

posted by Neha
7:17 PM


Blogger 13 said...

Item, sorry I couldn't meetup with you on the last evening/night. Let's just say that I gave into more 'primary' temtations ;-)

7/28/2005 01:37:00 AM  
Blogger Neha said...

no worries, screw hard and prosper, my friend.

7/28/2005 06:48:00 AM  
Blogger Wolfe said...

Come back.
I miss you.

7/28/2005 02:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck im awesome. Sheeyah.

7/28/2005 08:10:00 PM  
Blogger Neha said...

Aww wolfey, it's your turn now...

Oi, Peepee. What have I done?

7/28/2005 10:13:00 PM  

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