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Hunka Hunka Burning Lao

May 02, 2005

Mein Gott im Himmel, mama needs a tall drink, a tall drink of Hasselhoff that is...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oh India, land of extremes and everything in between, it's no surprise the glitterati simply HAD to escape all the bad vibes to hold their *exclusive* Bollywood awards. Where? At the bleedin' Taj Mahal in ATLANTIC CITY. Believe me, I can't groan any louder than I already am. I suppose this gives the industry some of that Amreekan glamour, you know, that Western validation. "You poo poo Indian masses, look where we are, U.S. of A. with multiple entry visa!". Carrying on with the most amazing story at hand [breaking report and gorgeous pic courtesy Sepia Mutiny.]

The "Best International Star" award was given to DAVID HASSELHOFF, ye of immortal existence. This award comes a few years too late for the much of the world but the desis, they lao their Hasslhoff. This man's career seems to be heavily dependent on such glimmers, now you see him, now you don't. And when you see him you can't help but wonder "who is his plastic surgeon and is he taking new clients?". Nonono, I'm not ranting, I'm impressed as always to see The Hasselhoff in all his tanned glory.

I'm just a little disillusioned by the state of affairs. The awards are held in Non-Resident (Not Really) Indian territory because in these parts we pay for Bollywood services in dollars. But the 'awards' are dished to people mostly if they show up. With the exception of Shah Rukh Khan, who didn't show up but won anyway because who else would the "Best Actor" award go to? Sunny [juiced to high heaven] Deol??? Please. The awards are catering to an N.R.I. audience without actually giving props (that I know of) to N.R.I. talent. Oh bitterness, if The Hasselhoff can get an award then so can my beloved Kal Penn, no?

Some wonderful insight can be found at Yahoo News, from reading this article it will become clear to one and all that there is no stopping The Hasselhoff and his illusions of world peace through memorably bad television.

[Why do I insist on calling him The Hasselhoff you say? C'mon now, show some respect, the man's 200 years your senior!]

posted by Neha
12:44 PM


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