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April 30, 2005

I miss you Trailer Park Boys. Cruel free cable, where's my T.P.B. you bastard? Feeling the pain, cruising around looking for a little of that love but having no luck.
Somehow end up at the old (season 2) website and it is unbelievable, a pure sight for my thirsty eyes. I manouver my way around the Park in my car, run it into The Shit Mart and laugh my ass off...

Finally find out who created this piece of brilliance, a certain Myron Campbell, who has really SCARY work on his site. It's messed and arouses some dark oft-supressed type of fear, especially The Fragile Circus. I'm just asking for daymares...hold me...close...

Campbell is from Banff! Banff! Great Nipple of the West! That kicks ass.

posted by Neha
1:05 PM


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