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stop blathering and gives us a verdict already...

March 17, 2005

for a news junkie like myself, yesterday was like heroin to the head. by the time i finished realizing and aggressively debating the colourful menage of items, i was left breathless. nevertheless, o ye faithful, i will spew some more:

  • the wolfowitz appointment - vai no bono, vai? as a result, the world bank will play host to the very first "Developing Death Match", where contenders from developing nations will get greased up to fight each other in a metal cage...TILL DEATH *gasp*. only people from poor, starving, conflict-ridden, and disease-stricken countires need apply. the DDM will be refereed by condi rice but since there are NO RULES she will spend most of her time scowling offensively.

  • bernard ebbers - life in prison. terrible sentence, shows a complete lack of imagination. they should've taken all his possessions, put him up in council housing in alaska, NOT on the bleedin' dole but on a strict schedule of the "milk distribution engineer" type, just like the good old days...hey, it's less expensive than paying for his ass in prison.

  • robert blake's aquittal - bonny lee bakely has saved her man's life by ruining her own. i found it difficult to see beyond her past to a guilty blake. i am not surprised that the jury had a similar problem. that said, the evidence was heavy on the circumstantial side. now, robert, go do another lost highway for us and make yourself usefull will ya?

  • air india trial finale - not guilty. i've got nothing smartass to say about this one. the verdict has taken 20 long years, the kids orphaned as a result of the air india bombings are now adults. very angry adults. yet not many of them have been asking for blood, only justice. not death, but recognition of guilt. that, friends, is a noble sentiment. it breaks my cold, stone heart to pieces.

  • scott peterson - death. not a surprise by ANY means, not even in cali.

  • and lastly but i'm sure not the 'leastly',

  • MJ - *sigh* the saga continues...don't have much to say about him that hasn't been said already. i'm just listing him for the link, check that page out. the brits have gone completely barmey over him, there seems to be a new king around london town. even the guardian for chrissakes! my obsession with this trial is thus validated...ahem.

over & out.

posted by Neha
12:22 PM


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