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'sounds' like a plan

March 23, 2005

the other day i was watching the hour, george did a story on this guy who sits in his basement and makes songs for a living. not that much of big deal, right? i thought so too until the sheer talent and tomfoolery of his work kept me awake...listening to track after track after track...

[addiction, you say? of course, that's the currylingual way, spice don't stop for nobody.]

the basic idea is, you request a type of track (eg. "something about rain and turtles") and he makes a tune. you can also relate requests to lyrics, moods, dedications, remixes, and the whole she-bangs. if you are broke-like-me then your free request enters a massive pool, keep fingers firmly crossed as you hope and pray that the maestro will see it fit to produce your request. if you're high-rollin, then pay the man dammit!

i made a request last week, it was a free one, still no sight of it but i'm hopeful...so darling readers, request some tunes, it's a race, yeee-haaaw!

posted by Neha
1:45 PM


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