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"sometimes sometimes, in my heart, a thought comes..."

March 28, 2005

i'm back from a ruthlessly imposed blog hiatus. that's what you get for falling in lowe with a serious techie, moving in together, and purchasing only one computer (our 'baby', his name's REDOXON). awwww, ain't that the cutest. the best thing about having a computer as a baby is...getting another one to make a relationship that much better is the RIGHT thing to do.

this past long weekend was a holistic exercise in Relaxo-Rage. that's relaxing after raging to get to the optimal relaxation point (often known as 'the weekend'). relaxo-rage is a type of fast-paced relaxation, fuelled by rage momentum.

our relaxo-rage adventures took D and i to a very special party on saturday. it was a two in one event, celebrating the 'happy birddays' of one Prince Fantastik and his wife...err, i mean, best friend...Homesick Immigrant. any house party with its own flyer is a good time by me, here's the terrific flyer:
wassup bitches!
that's Homesick, looking rather homesick. Prince did not get his own flyer as his birthday was almost two weeks ago...the flyer-less Prince was out in full form regardless. sporting an unmentionably 'classy' teenage millionaire tee, he did as much damage as a drunk uncle at a jehovah wedding. at one point i caught Prince stroking his growing belly and i saw a tear roll down his sweet face, as if saying, "i know, belly, i know youse wanting one more, but the drink is all gone, luv".

one of our hosts for the evening was a certain lady named Lease and she kicks auntie-butt. i googled a name i saw in much of her art and found her website,surface photography, wee! her photography is a powerful portrayal of man-made landscapes, urban life through a romantic lens. detailed, thoughful, comforting, and above all, aesthetically orgasm-inducing, in mine nethers anyway, wee!

Fantastik party, thank you, have more birthdays, make more blog entries, send softcopy of 'get juiced' party flier, k? :-)

so ya, the Prince and the Immigrant lived happily ever after...*happysigh*

kabhi kabhi, mere dil mey, khayal aata hai...

posted by Neha
1:15 PM


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