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it's ALIVE!

March 18, 2005

ascii animation has become the cutting edge of ubercoolness, in my world at least. lots of little squiggles everywhere and a lack of colour aside, some fellow poured gallons of blood and sweat down the cyberdrain to come up with this brilliant showcase. check the movies section for a good dose of animated matrix and herr der ringe (no prizes for guessing the title in english).

what makes this type of cartooning around particularly fun is that it's all in german. woohoo! this means you get to read the title, eg. "Schmusekatze", and think, "woa, someone sounds angry!". then you view the animation and it turns out to be really cute little kitty. ha!

oh bavaria, your angry tongue is but a cover for your soft, creamy sensibilities. mmmmm...bavaria...

posted by Neha
10:25 AM


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