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does my boy have rabies or is it just cabin fever?

March 21, 2005

[Note: this is 'just' my side of the story.]

the following symptoms have been observed of the subject (d-rock):

  • crazy look in eye - involuntary dilation of pupils when matter of opinion or desire arises, directly actions the expression of opposite opinion or desire by subject.

  • foaming at mouth - almost entirely related to the 'halving' of nicotine patch, step 1. definite attempts made to seize this observer's half by pretending to give hugs.

  • spewing delirious psycho-babble - "you need some girlfriends, to do girly stuff with, it would be good for you", "just because i don't want to go outside, it's rainy, late, cold, what-ev, does that mean that YOU have to say you don't want to go outside TOO? HUH? HUH?", and so on.

  • unhealthy behaviour patterns - eating poutine AND kosher pretzels for DINNER, making repeated clawing motions at this observer, while proclaiming "REEEOOOWW, MREEOOWW".

  • people, i am afraid. i opted for a man and got a rabid wolverine instead. he is mighty cute so i stroked his fur, he calmed down greatly, i think it was more the new episode of surreal life that he'd been waiting for all week.

    the winter has been tough on all canadian creatures. cabin fever has reached a heated pitch, march madness has ensued. my pet is tired of looking at my face all day. i need to get out more.

    are there any girls out there that want to be friends? i don't like: shopping with a group of people, getting manicures/facials/etc., watching 'date' movies. if you qualify and share my distaste then please, hook a sista up.

    posted by Neha
    9:37 AM


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