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Holy Haldi! (and other rants)

January 03, 2005

alzheimer's could be overcome by eating turmeric and turmeric is an indian staple, second only to rice. now can we call a stop to indigestion-by-curry jokes? http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_1174709,0050.htm serious, there has to be a preventive componant at play and it's the best thing i've heard about my diet in ages. what with my preferance for all things spicy, i and my curry lovin' cousins thank you u.c.l.a. for spilling the goods.

now, i came of age in a post-women's lib world...i make, break, and shake my own, my hard-earned own...but once in a while, girly needs a sugardaddy...o daddy, where art thou, mamma needs a new pair of shoes! i need to touch any of these puppies before i die...

last but never least, if you've got that my-wife/life/cat/truck-left-me feeling, then why not send an equally pathetic and (by the state of that grisely stubble) suitably hideous 'no regrets' regret card to the one who drove you deep into this pit of self-loathing. so deep that the darn crying moon seems like the perfect sentiment. who knew what wonder the information age would uncover? i tried making a card for all the (two) readers out there but a 'sincere apology' apparently doesn't come for free. perhaps you could threaten to stop reading, i might spend a whole dollar to express my regrets. what i don't understand is, how could that waste of space have lead to this waste of space...sheesh!

posted by Neha
2:00 AM


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