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Hankerin for a crankerin are you?/"I CUT YOU DEEP!"

January 06, 2005

the blogistan is afire with furiously typed comments deploring a certain philly morning radio show with "star & buc-wild" {insert small genetilia joke here}. ya, guy, i'm serious, that's them. what? you hate them already? good for you, now here's more fuel...star {with said tiny penis}, performed a facsinating little segment where he calls a toll free number from an infomercial and reaches the outsourced depths of the Indian call center world. our man then goes on to harass and...ooooo i'm getting that nervous twitch just writing this, so i'll stop and let you listen.

i don't care which colour your pigment makes you, this clip has got the power to slam jaws to the floor and slap hands to foreheads and pretty much induce any form of disbelief in existance.

o yea, there once was a 'star' who heard a certain j-lo say the n***** word and then proclaimed in true i'm-fighting-the-power style:

“Why is she using a word that’s derogatory to blacks?… If you’re a so-called role model, don’t spit in the face of African-Americans.”
[thanks sepia mutiny, quote made me feel waaay better about wanting to skin this man alive]

hypocrite, charlton, liar...see how i don't have to say BITCH over and over to make my point?

The best part is that this very radio station (owned by clear channel) has been on a "stop the violence/increase the peace" mission all year. HA.

it's a fucked up dynamo of a world but one thing never changes, there is always truth to jest. it is also true that to many (i hope most) this was not jest, it was plain aggression fulled by the idea that someone out there would laugh and keep the ratings steady. abusing honest sentiments brought on by the fruit of objective economic forces (in this case, outsourcing), this is the reality behind our man star's creative juices {impotent juices}. and so for aiding the creation of a bigass dome of ignorance over an already foresight-starved nation, you, power 99 ( station, jocks, yes-people) all be DIZ-AMMED TO HELL.

I would like to end this spew by quoting my good friend C. Pee Pee "I hate everyone equally", hey it's better than hating in ascending order.

posted by Neha
9:24 PM


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