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come hither my lovely...

January 08, 2005

lucien lucien luuuucccciiiiieeeennnnn, you give me shimmery slithery shivery feelings all ze time...
last year was a bless-ed year thanks to l-l-l-lucien's extraordinary frosh ablum Blind Behavior (full of accented whisperings, so 'euro', so 'ooooooooooh'). yes, he can do no wrong and he doesn't have to do no right, he just has to do do do more of what he did did did. these speakers o mine have never known such bliss. uf-oh! i'm having a hard time getting to the point...

ahem, let me gather myself, i seem to have become a puddle of my former self.

righto, this album was top of the tops for my 2k4 playlist countdown (which i never blogged bec. my brain couldn't stop flaking long enough to come up with #s 2,3,4, and 5). and the other day i was itchin and bitchin and needing to go to a wicked show that would blow my mind. the upcoming events just couldn't give me the fix i needed so (in true stalker style) i googled lucien-n-luciano, his darling recording name. i came across the officialy unfinished website and hungrily scoured the 'dates' section...only to find that for him, life does not exist on this side of the atlantic. how many times can you play zurich, geneva, chile, london before someone tells you about t.o. dammit?! ha!

so i made a beeline to the contact link in the hope that some webmaster somewhere would pass on my message, which went a little sumpin' like this:
"dear sir, the beaches and 'beeches' of europe may not compare to the grey urban landscape of toronto, canada. but get us in a room with sufficient heating and you ain't never seen such a grateful crowd. do come and play us a tune sometime. love, neha."

the next morning i find this in my inbox:
"If it s with a such a nice tone .... i come out running after it

"KISS" = "SWOON"! hi, my name is neha, i'm a pop-tart...

posted by Neha
2:46 PM


Blogger Paresh said...

Jeezus woman get a hold of yourself. Hi my name is neha and I'm a pop tart *eye roll* It's like you're getting a clitty stiffy from the music.. gah

1/10/2005 01:17:00 PM  

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