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"Universe, you've done it again!"

May 15, 2007

The hardest lesson I've ever had to learn involved opening my gob and asking for input. Instead of, you know, pummelling head-first and solitary into big, bad life. Now, I ask all the time. Better watch out with your emails, 'cause I'll ask. I'll ask you, your moms, your pet, your man, no one's sacred. This is not to say that I'm brave. I'm scared witless to ask questions directly relating to my personal future/state-of-mind/happiness. Nevertheless, when I ask such questions, even flippantly or in jest, I get some kickass answers. Perhaps not answers to solve my every dilemma but answers that will make them appear that much less daunting.

If you, like me, feel yourself adrift in a sea of maddening options then read some comfort in the below expression of solidarity:

I hear the 20's crisis, I still can't believe that I'm not a cowboy or a movie star or something like that. Instead, I am living in the enemy's country and working as a social worker, getting my ass kicked by little kids.

Also looking for a way to make money and travel. The problem with that seems to be that they are contradictory life items. I think the trick is to work and THEN travel, but its hard to do on a regular job. I'm not in the place right now when I can go quitting jobs for 3-4 months and then going back to work. That's just no way to get a stable career.

Part of me wants to travel to Peru and live in the forest and kill tigers, while the other part of me wants to buy a house.

Jesus, the nomadic people had it right. Let's liquidate all of our assets and move to Mongolia, live in yurts and use horse shit as fuel.

On the bright side, I am buying a hybrid car in a few weeks, so I am becoming slightly green which somehow seemed like an important decision when I was more socially conscious....I think I remember what being a Canadian is like.

Sorry for the disjointed message, I was up late last night snorting coke out of some dude's prostate.

Thanks, Shaggy, here's to the great wide open exciting piece of shit 21st century...

On a related note, if I end up in Ontario post-retirement then I need to build a yurt in cottage country. That much is certain. If anyone knows the pre-retirement "how to" then, yes, I am open to suggestions.


posted by Neha
1:59 PM