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April 24, 2007

-:- Salubrious -:-

In healthy aches we trust. Bodystep Mondays.

-:- Mellifluous -:-

I was going to go with 'prurient' but I feel like playing nice for a change.

-:- Resplendent -:-

Summertime above St. Patrick Street; Food, drink, and hot concrete.

-:- Plangent -:-


Panda Bear + The Besnard Lakes


Kings of Leon + Grizzly Bear

-:- Vocabularious -:-

World Wide Words: Higgler extraordinaire.

posted by Neha
1:00 PM


Pissy Peripherals

April 15, 2007

I just got fucked. No really, my new external hard drive is malfunctioning and my heart is broken. Not a huge deal in the scheme of things but fuck off, I was going to back my life up today.

...And then this dearly enraged voice (not in my head, thanks) asked me to stop messing about. So, instead of throwing this sumanabitch against the wall I'm going to practice my karaoke, and dance like LV does at about 2:30 into the following:

Repeat x 10.


posted by Neha
7:26 PM


Ain't Nothing but a Hr0ndog

April 11, 2007

A technophobe mostly talks to you in person, but a geek is happy to be with you by texting your phone, flirting with you in a chat room, Skyping you, Twittering just in case you're on your vibrating couch (NSFW), sending funny cell-phone snapshots to your e-mail, playing online games, commenting on your blog, Digging articles that interest you, seducing you by instant message...[Link]

Regina Lynn is my hero. If you have been ensconed within a cocoon for the last three years, then take this link to her Wired column archives, and abuse it nicely.

posted by Neha
2:52 PM