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What It Is

September 11, 2006

In a city continually propelling itself to the other end of the spectrum, all I see is days of old, baby. It could be that this is the first time in 14 years that I'm here together with my parents. Over 16 years ago I stepped off a plane and into almost instantaneous adulthood. My parents, into recession. I finally got the chance to be a younger sibling here. It has its ups and downs ;-) This town ain't the same without my brothers from another mother here to hang out with.

During my last visit 7 years ago, I was an exuberant freshman with two braids, a penchant for fitty cent navel tattoos and a superhuman zest for all things social. The latter being the only remanent. Thanggod! Those two weeks were some enchanted, by. They bore fruit in the form of a most unlikely friendship, the feel of which I had never experienced before nor in the ever after.

This morning at 6 we spoke again for the first time in 3 years. While talking politics and whatnot as the sun came up, I felt at home, happy. My nostalgia vanished as we inadvertently recreated many a scene from our past. Whispers, giggles, and ragging on each others voting choices. Furthering communication between the granolus stinkamus and cowboyus triggerhappius kinds. We are an anomaly.

This afternoon my friend moved to Baghdad.

Due to pesky circumstance we never got to say goodbye - or hello for that matter - in person. I'm not much of a believer in divine guardians but I do believe in the principle of Pratītyasamutpāda. And I hope that his actions may lead him to an end of his choosing. And that they may safely carry him back home.

Calgary would mean nothing to me without its ability to put me in touch with awesome human beings.

I couldn't meet dear Bird this afternoon due to the fact that I live on the edge of the world and the transit system is shitty. I did have a good chat with her before she left for the wilderness of Fort Mac. Christmas time she is mine.

Tomorrow I shall meet the onliest blogger on the menu for this trip...*drum roll*...Badmash!

posted by Neha
7:31 PM


The Mothership Arrives

September 04, 2006

My bluds have landed. How mummy-daddy and Bairoo made it through customs with so much food I will never know. Thank you Canada for not checking their bags. I am in chevdo heaven. If you are ever in Harrow, Middlesex make a stop at Pradip Sweets and eat everything in sight. It's my fai's (father's sister) shoppe, their chocolate barfi is to die for.

Ah yes, the fam, they are here. Finally. I haven't seen them in over a year but this reunion is bittersweet. While I will now have Bairoo back in my life to hug and bug my parents will return to an empty house. I'm worried that they're going to be lonely. I'm scared that this will make me want to move back :-)

posted by Neha
7:20 PM