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Holy Hot Thighs!

December 16, 2005

I still haven't seen the last one, which they said would be the final one but some claim they might have lied. Just so you can get to know me better I have highlighted the two things that I most love to think about when I'm sitting in a field and chewing on a blade of grass with a far-away look in my eye:
Star Trek captains William Shatner, Patrick Stewart and Scott Bakula are set to join forces in a new movie. The trio will reportedly star in the unnamed film that will be set in the 'mirror universe', which was featured in both the Next Generation and Enterprise TV series. [Link]
This could all just be another great big lie because Shatner going back to Trek after winning an Emmy seems unlikely. A girl can sit in fields and dream though can't she?

Courtesy Digg, OH MY GOOD GOD I FEEL SO SMART WHEN I PLAY WITH THE STAR TREK LCARS INTERFACE (view full screen). If you're rolling your eyes and wanting to skip over the link then YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON THE MOST FUN YOU HAVE EVER HAD. Now if you have a sweet set up or access to a hi-tech lab then load this baby on your surround-LCD screens and make your own damn movie. Jeez. The possibilities are endless. Is this what all the walls in heaven look like? I'm flying! I'm not much of a viddy game girl, can you tell?

Hold me close, Patrick, this ship's about blast off!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

posted by Neha
2:53 PM


Blogger The Elephant said...

I don't know what to say. I am simply overwhelmed. Stewart and Bakula on the same screen? I am quite comfortable with my heterosexuality but I must admit that IT just moved. I had dream once where I kept leaping through time trying to "set right what once went wrong" in various Star Trek episodes.

Also thanks for the tip off on the LCARS interface. The next hour is now shot. Engage Number One.

12/16/2005 06:58:00 PM  
Blogger Neha said...

dude, i KNEW you would appreciate this. i'm going to start meditating if it means cool dreams like the ones you always have!

12/21/2005 09:42:00 AM  

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