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Crunk Juice in Pimp Cups

November 07, 2005

Living downtown is a mad party. This weekend was Homesick's last, he will be missed in person but will live on in all his Euro glory on My Space. Went to a party at Adrift on Friday at Cee Pee's enticing request. I don't skate, I ain't 16 either so there was a bit of open-mouthed staring on my part at some of the young 'uns. However, a lot of new people were met (hollas to Mr. & Mrs. Jenner and Ben). Funny how the ice-breakers usually went something like, "Sooo, I saw you on My Space!".

There was cheap beer. Cheap as in 3 bucks and cheap as in 'Wildcat', apparently also known as 'Kitty'. Meow, tastes like cat pee. DJ happened to be the same Pornoween one, he was tearing things up. Played the Britney vs. Mike Jones mash up that made Cee Pee and I squeal like bebes. Topped off with a bit of New Order, ROD "OF COURSE I think you're sexy" STEWART, what else, some 2 Live Crew? Yesh. And many many more hits of years gone by. This is the part where I should be urging you to buy the cd but sadly there isn't one.

Saturday was spent doing a bit of shopping with Rajbo and then brunch in Kensington at this really neat little cafe. I don't remember the name but damn they served up spicy achari taters with my 2 eggs (scrams) & toast. I also spotted an odd plain paratha with scrambled eggs and mango chutney-on-top combo that looked too strange to be appetizing. Crazy hippies.

Later that night I made my way to V.I.P., Clay Rochemont's first solo showing of his amazing work at tattoo parlour-turned-gallery, Bobby Five. Met up with the "crew" or "4 people who don't make a whole crew!". WE GOT PIMP CUPS FOR OUR CRUNK JUICE that were made by the artist hisself. That is more V.I.P. style than I could ever have wished for. Inquiring Mind's recap has a snap of Cee Pee and Bird (that I can't steal) and pictures of the art. Vinyl on plastic never looked so fine. Canon sez,"Young lady, you are GROUNDED!":

I love you, baby, you treat me right

So long, Homesick, happy travels:

Artists are Hott

Other than the weekend meandering I've mostly been reading and listening to tunes in my free time (i.e. when I commute). A list of the things I have consumed or am consuming has magically appeared in the sidebar for our benefit. According to All Consuming I have pillaged 4 books and plundered 8 albums and 1 measly flick. This means I've got a whole bunch of reviewing to do on here, I'm thinking of starting with the tunes. LCD Soundsytem and The Juan Maclean are playing this Friday and a totally tubular person might be able to get us on guestlist, woohoo! Fingers crossed and all.

P.S. I only drink out of the Pimp Cup now.

posted by Neha
12:28 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That makes two of us.
I totally forgot about the "4 people is not a crew" quote, fuckin hilarious.
I cant wait for our next dance dance party, better be summat deadly on friday.

Im gonna send a message to flow (who took that pic) sos I can put it up on Myspace (o course). Dammit, I want it to be the weekend everyday. PS
Gotta start the DRT Gallies. Maybe I should??

11/07/2005 05:26:00 PM  
Blogger Neha said...

go on and start it so we're all legit, like. the crew is expanding.

11/08/2005 11:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Homie.

Thanks for the compliments, I hope you enjoyed the night, and am glad you got a cup!

Keep it grizzly.

Clay R.

11/11/2005 06:55:00 PM  

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