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Beer and Morrissey, life just got better

November 15, 2005

To all my soggy wet peoples in the T. Drizzles, have I got a handy helper for yoose. In our urban jungle there lies a network of machines that we know as 'The Booze Machines'. How many of them are there? What do they sell? ARE ANY OPEN RIGHT NOW? These age-old questions of yours are being answered in real time by The Beer Hunter. Google Maps + Beer Store/LCBO/Wine Rack/breweries + store timings = a most powerful application. Go now, thank me later...in booze please.

(via Paved)

Now for some visual goodness from a brilliant flickr set, invading Mozbots:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I want the one I can't have...it all makes sense now...

posted by Neha
4:05 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Certainly does.
Lookit those eyebrows!
Holy Hannah!

Ill send ya some fliers for our parties coming up.
Werd arah.

11/15/2005 04:41:00 PM  

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