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If you don't post everyday you end up with one really long post

October 06, 2005

I'm stanky from the move. Cranky from the move. Thanki's out to prove. Been working my pistons, hear? *kisses right bicep, then left* Don't ever rent a U-Haul on the last day of a month. Attach a horse named 'Old Freckles' to a rusty wheelbarrow if you have to but never ever do the U-Haul. They sent us to Scarlem and kept us waiting for 3 hours, the cops got called, people were contemplating a riot, no trucks were being returned, chick behind the counter kept eating pizza while the children cried.

Finally got a brokendown wreck of a truck at 11 pm. We weren't allowed to move past 9 pm but whatchagonnado? At least we only had to make one round to Eric's, he had a storage space for us. This space was one floor up, to be reached by a suspicious looking set of fire-escape stairs. Thankfully it was massive. I heard some crazy tunes rising from beneath with a dude shouting "Ladies! Come on up, ladies!". Turns out we were storing above a strip club, the owner came out for a cig and looked really surprised. We tried desperately not to scratch his Merc and the pimped Escalade that were parked deadly close to the stairs.

Having completed the first part of the move we checked into a little bed & breakfast and slept like zombies. I kept freaking out all weekend about not having to ride the fucking metro for 40 min. to get home. Because home is where the heart is and the heart sure as hell ain't in North York.

Had a wicked brekkie with Seera, Constantine and Rajbo on Sunday. Then went to Yorkdale, grudgingly. I'm not a huge fan of malls as is but malls with a Rainforest Cafe in them? Kill me now. I had to get some Sephora action and that is their sole TO location. Badly needed a spicy Venom refill.

Sunday eve was all about the Mutineer Maple leaf meetup in Little India. How excited was I? Enough to show up early. After confirming that the people I was looking at were not the people I was looking for I loitered about trying to avoid Romeo gazes. I swear I saw my favourite professor, from Sunday school to university, Arti Dhand. I couldn't see her face clearly, she was waaaay down the street but I saw a small woman with red lips, really tall boy, and baby. I need to find her and talk to her and ask her if she'll be my surrogate mom. Why have I waited so long?

Back to the exciting stuff, I FINALLY MET A MUTINEER! Manish Vij to be exact. I was expecting some turnout but excuses excuses excuses left me repping it on my ownsome. So we got Vijjy with it (forgive me, I can't help these words!) and chatted about:

- Our blogs: I'm really not so flippant in person, Sepia has filled a void (that has no sexy connotations, I mean there was nothing like it before)

- Politics: Conservative Canadians could be hippies in America, Vinod strays to the dark side

- People: Anna ki tho baat hi kuch aur hai (my crush grows), JJ and how I know him (it was all good and honest, JJ, don't get your chaddis in a twist), Abhi gets flamed a lot for his posts (unnecessarily, I think)

- Places: TO is very Guju/Sri Lankan, B.C. is very Punjabi/Sikh, Dubai is racist, London is poshy, Texas is just plain scary

- Things: He is daddy of the Mac (with spanking new Nano, it's not broke!), I am PC girl (with serious anti-Mac tendencies)

- Movies: I need to see more, Vij is only the 3rd person I know of to ever have bothered with Chutney Popcorn

- Music: I used to play Karsh Kale on the ol' radio show = Sepia certified taste in music. Awesome. Manish lives in a sweetass Brooklyn Crooklyn hood. He is cool because he has heard of Fannypack.

I've missed a whole bunch of stuff and I didn't have my camera so yoose ain't getting no pictures but that was how the meetup went. I had a wonderful time *gush gush*! It ended with Manish getting picked up by two smokin' bhoochies who rode off into the dark night with him whilst I gazed...wondering if it was all just a silly dream. 1 down 5 more to go. Come North, come North wherever you are, my pretties!

posted by Neha
2:14 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neha, if you mean Arti Dhand at Victoria College, I just had dinner with her brother earlier this week. Surreal!

10/07/2005 12:07:00 AM  
Blogger Neha said...

OH. MY. VEDAS. That's her, she used to teach me Sunday school at the Calgary temple then in a strange twist of fate at Mount Allison in NB. We were raas/garba fanatics. How small and comforting the blogosphere is.

I was on a leave of absence from uni for a few months, at the same time she decided to move to TO, we lost touch. Jay, you've made my morning. I need some Arti Dhand back in my life!

10/07/2005 09:39:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo! Now yer downtown you can come out and play. Saturday its FUCKFACES at the boat. Its gonna be deadly electro. Also, I have my own pad now. Yesssssssssssh. Moving in on the 1st (hopefully sooner).

PS Bird is back in TO, living here now.

10/07/2005 03:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I missed out. Next time I come to Toronto I will arrange a Mutineer meet-up where only you show up as well. I keed ;)

Funny story about Chutney Popcorn. The director gave me a shot out in the end credits. I have been told that my name is right after Spike Lee's. The worst part is I have never actually seen it. :P

10/08/2005 12:44:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatever, i saw arti and sven yogi all over dufferin mall twelve different ways last weekend with the timbits. she looks better than ever. had a brief conversation, but fabio fabilous was anxious to drag her to winners to look at some winter boots for him. oh my, i think mister c has her number.

10/09/2005 12:16:00 PM  
Blogger 13 said...

I iron my chadds with natural rice strach.
Stiffness matters in that region.

Anyway, you know me since the eight grade, I am quite certain whatever you discussed/said is accurate, and that's better than being good or bad :-)

PS. The grass is very green in Hamburg!

10/16/2005 05:13:00 AM  

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