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No-Labour Day

September 06, 2005

Say Ahh

That's what I call my 'Professional' look.

Went loose on the town this weekend, surprise! Had a camera on me only one night. Flickr has been updated with the lates in party-o-rama. Went out with Seera after work on Friday, the lovely lady is class. We staged an estrogen riot on Pauper's rooftop, which Constantine very willingly threw himself into later that night. Conversation swung back and forth from "threesome with stranger" sex to New Orleans to "wouldn't let him see her boobs even!" sex to politics to Constantine's new lady, that's sex again.

Saturday I went over to Prince's pad for a visit. He had been shopping with his sister Court (who has a most ogle-worthy wardrobe) and was in full-plume as he now owns 11 pairs of shoes. There was much bragging about his little boys club, Do Rotten Thangs, affectionately known as DRT. The bastards. They say its boys only as if a penis is necessary to drink in cabs and pose for pretty pictures while pretending to break dance. Of course, I did not dare voice this opinion too loudly for fear of lowering any chances I may have. Instead, I learned their 'hardcore' sign language with due diligence ("make the spock fingers and...YOUR FINGERS ARE ALL WRONG!"). Moreover, I proceeded to pose for many many pictures with a Rotten look on my face. Court and I are forcing our way into Doing Rotten Thangs. Not sure why the resistance is so high, I think they just do not want to pay for our special DRT do-rags. C'mon, DRT bitches, don't you know us ladies can get away with more Rotten Thangs than you gruff XYs? No need to get all payback from wayback on our asses!

Face maketh the thug

How can I be the ONLY member of Fuck Me To Heal Me (our band will inherit the earth real soon) that isn't a member of DRT?!

I watched The Constant Gardener this weekend. I never saw The English Patient (book is good enough for me) so I was quite taken by Fiennes' mannerisms. He is quite good at this acting stuff. Sigh. The flick is striking to watch because of great landscapes and of course an as-honest-as-possible-in-Hollywood portrayal of Kenya. The visuals overshadowed the thriller bit for me. I'm glad I spent my money on this puppy, which is unlike my reaction to Red Eye last week.

Yesterday I strolled the Beaches with Rajbo then snooped around our new apartment building (we don't have the keys yet). Pictures of my soon-to-be balcony coming soon...

Is it Friday yet?

posted by Neha
11:50 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

from now on i wants my toast BROWN. nanny druggett says you looks some nice in that foto. nanny wants to know if you're coming to the woods next weekend. hmm?

9/06/2005 10:54:00 PM  
Blogger Neha said...

Whoop! To the woods we go! When are you going? I cain't take that dang friday off, does the road stay open on sat. in the woods that are lovely, dark and deep? Got promises to keep...

Will there be bears? Can we play with them?

9/07/2005 09:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lil Boys club hey? Start a DRTG. G for gallies. Hollar. PS
Fuck me to Heal me is soooo for real its not even funny. Nicholson Baker will be proud.

9/07/2005 02:29:00 PM  
Blogger Neha said...

Oh yeah?

"by the looks of it my dear....looks alike we are going to proceed with your entrance to the DRT initiation......hollllllaaaaaaaaaaa"

Now that's REAL black love!

9/07/2005 03:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't take friday off either, goin up after work. either day or both are open. i know where the bear is. i'll let him out like opening a can of whoopass when i let out my rebel yell.

9/07/2005 06:22:00 PM  

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