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September 26, 2005

Ah Likes Them Guns

Finally, some pictures of Seera's countryfried birthday weekend, on Flickr. These were the only guns we saw, sadly. There was much gun-talk that weekend, beginning at home with Darth's ramblings about Texas guns and cylinder widths, mumbo that went way over my head. Then we picked Steve up and he began with how he was searching for a perfect gun as Seera's birthday gift (preferably one with a haute pink handle). We made a Canadian Tire trip the next day...but found no guns. The universe had no choice but to conspire as guns + booze + 2 Texans + 4 drunks + woods + cute furry animals in woods = A VERY BAD THING.

Of all the birthdays we've celebrated here in the past two years Seera's was the best! I was really hoping to get a shot of the girl in her new checkered coat and matching woodsman hat but my brain was unable to command this type of output from my body whenever I spotted her wearing it. I'm not used to drinking Screech. Mmm hmm, known as such due to the utter inability of non-Newfie pussies to refrain from howling once the shot has been inhaled. I need to find some cashew Feni to repay Seera's kindness.

We rented this Ford Escape ('06) and were dying to do some off-roading. Rajbo wouldn't have any of it as the car was not insured so we bashed some puddles here and there. Lake Onterrible is gorgeous in Prince Edward County, it doesn't even look like sewage water there! I know it is a Great Lake but I didn't realize how great it really is. That bitch is massive. We drove two hours and were still on the lake. The farther you get from Toronto, the nicer it gets.

All in all...BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER! I couldn't stop laughing, Seera and Steve have an incredible back and forth banter-style that is just too precious to be interrupted. Like Maw and Paw only younger and more stylin'. My top three Steve quotes from the cottage:

1. "I will now retire to the cabin for half an hour of worship. I will return for some beans...and FIRE!"
2. "This is not a solo, this is SHREDDING."
3. "I'm practicing birthing."

Hoo hoo, we needs to find that mayn a wife, ha!

Seera in wine-provoked thought Blue Shoe Diaries Sandbanks Taking pictures in pictures

posted by Neha
2:30 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmmkay.... i thought we was using our obvious analytical talents, in essence, our WITS, to finds ME a WIFE.

that is the sober wake of the roaring tit-fit of shits and giggles i just had. you gots some madass lit skills theresistah, NOT ONLY THE FACE OF THE GAPING SQUISHINGCHURNINGVOID OF THE BEST OOORGASM YOU WILL SURELY NEVER HAVE, THIS CHICK CAN REALLY FUCKING WRITE! HURRAH!

9/26/2005 06:37:00 PM  
Blogger Neha said...

'fit hadn't been for cotton-eye joe, you'd been married long time 'go.

hohohahah, i had a fit trying to write that post, i'm still laughing/crying!

9/27/2005 10:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so true even my tears are sober, while my other bodily fluids, are not.

so so true, goddamned, cotton ahhd, joe. you've made a gnome out of me, a cosmic troll! in essence, the scariest internet girlfriend this side of manchester.

pft-wretched ex-rednecks,
le sigh

9/27/2005 07:08:00 PM  

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