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Because white folks have been hard-wired by GOD to be "finders"

August 31, 2005

Some unsettling commentary in Yahoo's photo coverage of Katrina on Flickr. I must confess, The language is rather disturbing from both press agencies, AP and AFP. It appears that they write the captions themselves before sending them to Yahoo. The AP entry, by itself, seems plausible. The photographer may have witnessed said "looting" prior to capturing the escape, or the garbage bag is full of the poor guy's clothes, who knows? But, when coupled with the second AP entry, an uncomfortable feeling arises in me. In fairness, both pictures and captions are the work of two different people. The AFP entry, that one is just plain incorrect, people do not "find" bread at a grocery store while hungry in the midst of a massive natural disaster. Is that how you say "loot" in white? I jest. You decide.

Note: If my home turned into a floating cesspool overnight then I too would be grabbing on to anything in sight, there are no 'shoppers' in turbulent times.

posted by Neha
12:14 PM


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