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Spilling my Dubiyan guts

July 12, 2005

My mum was "reflecting" today on how her life as a youth was so radically different from the way mine is today. She is always shell-shocked at how "forward" and "independent" I am (translation, foul-mouthed and unmarried). Does this have to do with the contraceptive discovery during my last visit (that we still have not properly discussed), I wonder. My sister is going through the "I'm an adult!"/"You're a child!" stage with my parents. I find myself playing both sides of the fence. Little...I mean Big Bairoo is going to realize how precious these small battles really are when she faces the big bad war that is life, out in the Americas.

My relations with my parents have always been rational but I too had the same rough patches as Bairoo. Distance greatly aided us in putting things into perspective. I'm glad I came back every year to show off my new-found independence, if only to demonstrate my ability to drink anyone under the table. Needless to say, my folks used to turn into stammering do-goodies as I stumbled home every early morn. But I'm lucky, so very lucky, that they took this presentation for what it really was, a mighty war cry, "Yeearrgh, I'm a Dubai bubble-girl no more!". You see, as easy as life appears in this part of the Gulf, if you're a woman it is naught but a series of battles. From the NASTY men that taint childhoods with their evil whispers, unforgivable advances, and unblinking eyes to the local overlords who turn a blind eye to rampant racism and abuse. One battle after another, from school to religion to society to government to family.

Abroad in Canada, many of these downfalls were rectified with democracy, secular law, access to ALL media, and just generally wonderful people. But the cold, the isolation, the taxes, the distance between EVERYTHING, the lack of family, the sterility, it all can really weigh a Dubai lass down. This is what Bairoo will learn, as so many before her have learned and have learned to love. The best bit for my mini-me is, of course, that I will be right there beside her. And I humbly ask of the conspiring universe that my capacity will not let her down. It's hard to deal with the fact that you have managed to miss seven of the most crucial developmental years of your one and only sibling. The only other person on this earth with the same two sources. Ah Bairoo, can't wait to 'ruin you' when you come to TO next year! Don't y'all wish you had a little sis to spoil?!

I've had a loooong day, stumbling through the desert with my pops, surveying the sites where 'the tallest building ever', 'the 8th wonder of the world', and 'the biggest mall ever' will soon stand. Treading the sand in 47 C is a helluva way to bond. We also scored entry to a model suite that ususally requires a few million in the bank to view. Serious enquiries only, hmph, I was serious, seriously hot and in need of a/c. No cameras allowed but I managed to click once when there was no security cam in sight, it's a portrait of sinful opulence. Need to get a Pro Flickr account to upload the fantastic pics, my limit has been met. Bitches, they always reel you in.

This is what I did upon returning home, in my favourite chair, it's been around longer than Bairoo:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

posted by Neha
3:15 PM


Blogger Paresh said...

webshots is a good deal as well..investigate you must.

Explain to me how you didn't fall over in that chair?

More on the mini-me later.

7/12/2005 07:22:00 PM  
Blogger Blame the Blog said...

the bubble condition ... more common than the common cold.

7/13/2005 01:56:00 PM  
Blogger Wolfe said...

That chair looks damn comfortable. I need to get me one of those. Imagine the pages of upside-down blogging I could do. The potential is mind-numbing.

7/13/2005 02:23:00 PM  
Blogger Neha said...

Arey Wolfie, ah chair apdo Rajkot ni che. Made by a good friend's relative.

P, the (not so) secret is in a wider base curve at one end. This is usually the ass end, it can also be used as the head end but this will cause serious upside-down activity, I shall take a pic of this too.

Raju, the bubble is closing in, Wolfe has the perfect way out...PEDICURES!!!!! You must join the escapade!

7/13/2005 04:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, its motherfuckin hot here too. Like 35c everyday. Its impossible to sleep in my house as there is no airconditioning. I AM GOING MAD.

still bettern the snow.

7/13/2005 04:39:00 PM  
Blogger Neha said...

Ooooooo 35c ooooo, woa dude, that's like, so hot, like, woa, a whole 35c above 0, like, radical. Yesh, I'll be in the cold soon won't I?

I've missed ya since my space has been blocked, too many nekkid ppl I suppose. Have I missed much gay fun?

7/13/2005 04:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha...myspace is blocked? I see the gulf moral police is still at it.

(pssst. If you wanna get around their internet filter, use a proxy. Ask ur local tech savvy guy for details. But u didn't hear that from me).

7/13/2005 07:13:00 PM  
Blogger Neha said...

you underestimate me QS, the govt. uses a proxy to curb exploration here and I have a few methods of online bypass at hand. however, i find these are ridiculously slow and as much as i love that my space funtime, it just isn't worth the effort...it's only a few more days till i return :-(

7/14/2005 04:26:00 AM  
Blogger 13 said...

Finally, I am able to access your blog from my office ;-) This post is very well written, nice read.

7/14/2005 06:25:00 AM  

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