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June 24, 2005

What I really like: Lady (no hollaback girl please, backoff stefani), delicious production skills, her own vocals. Ada has stolen my wretched little heart, wretched, I say. Her 'Blondie' makes my choice for this eve. Cee Pee, you are offuckingline otherwise this puppy would have loaded all over the place, hear?

I also filled up on the new Daft Punk today, in my non-iPod. Got a chance to listen on my way home from work. It is masterful no doubt but on the whole, not my thing. Given, I was in a flying rage, with work-related stress on one hand and my impending trip home on the other. Whenever I go back home I go through a period of mulling about how its going to be, what I've missed out on, who I've become, how I'm different now...you get the idea. So this album with its crazy guitars and vocoders just served to heighten the noise in my head. I dig those lovable robos but this offering was out of my league, except for two tracks. The first being 'Make Love' (can be heard on above BBC link), it's hella strange for Daft Punk to be venturing into early rock n' roll type 4-step beats. With that at-the-drive-in guitar, quite cool.

The second track I love is the very last one, 'Emotion'. Daym, that shit made me cry. I'm serious. See I wasn't expecting it to be so different from the rest of the tunes, so sonorous. No, that bad boy caught me by surprise. This best I can link to is this decent remix. The simple and gorgeous crescendo sent my left eye into a recovering bell's palsy spasm, followed by the formation of a solitary tear that seemed to make things (not right but) at least ok. Now I'm left aching to get on that plane, wishing it to be next saturday. How will I be able to pay attention to all the details? The suitcase shopping, haircut, shopping for the family, burning CDs, everything at work, the list goes on. Rajbo? He has disappeared. And it's my last weekend, except for next Friday, long weekend. But still. Uff, I am so wallowing in a special brand of sad sauce. Let me be, go on without me, SAVE YOURSELF!!!! Ha. Seven. More. Days. Mama needs to get the fuck out of Hogtown.

Wolfe, how's the limo and stripper entertainment situation? I'm about ready to settle for a cab and a Goan classic rock band.

posted by Neha
7:52 PM


Blogger Wolfe said...

Come home babe. Take a deep breath. Get shit organized. File it away. Send those emails. Burn those cds. Don't bother with hair, clothes or makeup. Just come home. We'll take care of everything else.

And yes, Emotion got me going too. Only I didn't cry. I did twitch a bit but that could be because I was trying not to hit people at work. It put me in a disturbed state of mind. Much more so than usual. So I haven't heard it since. It's lurking on my hard drive now. Waiting to be launched into my conciousness again. I don't want to give it that satisfaction but I think it knows it's already won.

Just come home.

6/28/2005 11:32:00 AM  
Blogger Neha said...

I've stopped listening to that tune. Feel much better. And I want stippers and limo again.

6/29/2005 01:51:00 PM  

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