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Saturday Smörgåsbord

May 24, 2005

Saturday was PERFECT. Has-lo and Johanna were in town (notice there is no link for Johanna, someone needs a bloggy, hint hint). They are the latest recipients of Rajbo's Certificate of Coolness. Ahem Ahem.

We started with nice brunch and moved on to walking all the way from West Queen West to the Waterfront. In between it was nothing but good times. It's too bad we don't bridge the gap 'tween cities more often. Has-lo and I once managed to live 2 hours apart for an ENTIRE YEAR without visiting. In that year, we hung out once, when both he and I flew umpteen hours to Alberta to visit fam. Doing much better, we are. Loves it.

Rajbo had a ball too, I'm super pleased. Rajbo like family. Rajbo very sweet. *aww* Just look at these two, why would you not love them?! You so crazy...

hasit2 009_6A

So, you dapper duo, get hitched already. No pressure. "OH NO SHE DI-INT!...just call me 'dapper' that is." *kheekheekhee* Tease, tease, that is wot you get for missing the after-dark festivities...

For a whole other side of the story read Cee Pee's post. It's MUCH dirtier than this one, mostly because I only had a glass of that Alize shite. I'm glad Ceeps and Mr. Mustache decided on that fine drink (2 bottles, gold & red passion to be exact). It made the evening truly magical, not to mention High Class. We met up with Rajbo's brother's girlfriend (plus friends) from Texas. I hear rumors she was an import racer girl. But she is the smallest, sweetest thing so I dunno how those rumors could be true. I like to generalize. The Texan gang like to dirty dance. BIGTIME. I mean, you couldn't just naturally saunter past them without being acosted into a friendly raunch-dance. I mean that in the nicest way. I think it's a Texas thing.

Yea, we were sweating it up that night. It has been a good while since I danced to tunes that took me waaay back. And I'm not talking about putting on a Jackson 5 record and letting it spin for all eternity, I'm talking about DJ Neil Armstrong and his skillful control over a vast array of oldies, goldies, and dancehall. Even with a smaller than anticipated crowd (M.I.A. playing same night) and a tiny, hot room, the night kicked ass in a big way for all present. It's not often that yI see every hand raised with every change in tune that is inevitably accompanied by a crazy roar. Anyone can DJ, match a few beats, refrain from making an idiot out of oneself...few can be good enough to be memorable. By the time Bel Biv Devoe came on I was soaked. BBD!

I think I promised Ceeps we'd go to a strip club next weekend. Rippers, yea! Scene.

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