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Monday, Bloody Monday

May 09, 2005

My apartment is hotter than post-apocalyptic hell. My sleep is fitful, sweaty, full of nightmares. I've been cooling off at work, sweet a/c goodness. Hectic day this monday. But like all mondays, I'm keeping zen, thanks to Monkey Radio. Some people like highly energetic shite on mondays but they are fools for tempting the heart & stroke gods (not to mention the ill-mannered 'snap-back' gods).

Amusing queries on ye olde stat counter:
1. "children usefull timepass" - my parents don't even know about this blog and you want your kids to read it?!?!?!?
2. "matronly lady spanks" - spanks what? spanks you? yea, the non-matronly spanks just ain't the same.
I've never actually thrown a punch, this is the closest I'll ever get.

Ok ok ok, one last linky, I'm not even considering a preamble for this one, it stands alone and proud. This Art Project better have gotten an A+ or there's just nothing right in the world. Wow.

posted by Neha
1:07 PM


Blogger Blame the Blog said...

ooh ooh ,, can i show off my final-year art thesis project toooo !!????? can i ?? ;P

Omkara - Journey of a Kind

( if you havent seen it already )

5/10/2005 07:27:00 AM  
Blogger Neha said...

Ooo, I initially had a gander at the pics thinking the project was photography. But NOW I realize (after doing the reading) that you created this babe-magnet of a car.

It's marvelous and incorporates something I hold very dear (the 'conveniant religion' part, not Ikea). Frankly, it's got me thinking. Loves it! You're getting your own post...

5/10/2005 09:47:00 AM  

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