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I Have Two Words

May 17, 2005

I - Boomselection

II - ZabaSearch

Two words is up.

I - If you haven't already noticed this guy in my linklist...can you say 'bootleg'? YOU WILL THANK ME [or else you are crazy. wery wery crazy.] Also, I got a chance to listen to some Lady Sovereign, who is really a sweetangelface. I'm mildly surprised. Jools MF - No Wax, currently playing non-stop. There are some crazy Daft Punk sets around as well, along with huge amounts of M.I.A. remixes.

II - Ok, so this second link is nowhere near as good as the first but WTF. I can't shake off this guilty feeling when searching for tzaba. 'Free People Search' indeed. You can pretty much find the name, number, address (w/ zip code, satellite view), credit check, pictures, WHATEV of ANYONE (States-side). Can't say I didn't indulge in a few naughty searches myself (read: celeb-hunt). Also, I can now find addresses for all my extended family in the states without having to call them, guess who's getting Diwali cards this year?!

posted by Neha
7:14 PM


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