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Did Someone Say 'Juice'?

May 19, 2005


Aw yeah, it's going to be one of THOSE fridays...these flyers are getting better with each party, no?

As for saturday, I jest don't know. Has-lo is finally going to come visit Ontario's armpit this weekend. I am uber-excited about this. Seeing as it is a long weekend here (go Queen Victoria!) there is much buzz and many conflicting schedules. DJ Neil Armstrong (czech the audio) is in town on sat. and so is M.I.A.. M.I.A. is prolly sold out. Prince tells me Armstrong is doing a prelim set at Reset from 2-5. Uff, I'm very impressed with this Reset gig. Kudos to this guy (on the right) and his bro.

I've been doing the My Space thang for a bit now, in a half-assed manner. I need to know how to get my page from this to THIS. Weeeee, more template fun (only this time in a non-html, mostly restricted manner). Hey readers, be My (Space) Friend, won't you? Just one more cyber page to have ("gayest ever") fun in.

posted by Neha
2:18 PM


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