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All Over Hell's Half Acre

May 23, 2005

Last night I was fixing to create a fab post about Saturday's going-ons. In between, I was catching up on the news and was left so horrified that my verbal spin just ceased. I stared in disbelief at stories on the Delhi bombings. So far, speculation has pointed fingers at a film titled "Jo Bole So Nihal", loose translation = "Blessed is the one who says God is eternal". Now have a look at the stills. Erm, Sunny Deol, are you retarded? Are you? Squeezing your tangy lime all over the festering wound that is Sikh sentiment in India.

Yea, I know, blaming a movie isn't the way to go. But in India, people do not have the luxury of criticizing any faith in the form of a Bollywood blockbuster. And this movie with its flaming religious title is not even an ideological challenge. It's a plain grab at attention. Stupid.

As for the degenerate turds that planned and pulled off this gut-wrenching event in time, what have you gained? Let me tell you. You have gained curses upon curses from people that have been affected physically, psychologically, directly and indirectly. Myself included. Now will you show me how to make one of those nifty boom-booms? You know, because that's the way it goes right? You gave now it's time to take?

I doubt it was the flick that induced a need to wreck havoc, it merely provided a perfect opportunity. A convenient atmosphere in which to create a dhamaka that would carry forth the word of...of...hmmm let's see, I'm not quite sure WHAT the message was. To scare people, yes, but to scare them into doing WHAT? Just simply, just because, just just? Arrrghh.

If someone knows the whereabouts of Rav-lo, could you please contact me to say that he was, in fact, no where near Satyam or Liberty between 8-9 pm on Sunday? Much obliged.

posted by Neha
2:18 PM


Blogger 13 said...

It's an act of desperation. They need to stir up trouble or show their masters in Pakistan and Canada that they are doing something so that they can get more funds...

The Khalistan movement is dead. India today has a Prime Minister and Chief of Army who are both Sikhs. What the hell are they fighting for? Tandoor Airlines?

Read my post on the issue, http://goodlookin.blogspot.com/2005/05/devil-sings-hymns.html

6/06/2005 04:15:00 AM  

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