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Papam's got company

April 20, 2005

I have just answered 'yes' to almost every question on the Examination of Concience. AND I sniggered at the picture following because you can totally see this matronly lady's ass through her baptism outfit. I got one right at least, "Did I do unnecessary physical work on Sunday?", HELL NO! CHILLAX, once I confess my potty-mouth to the electronic ghost of Sister Mary de las Rosas, I'll be good as new.

The OTHER Mary isn't getting schooled either, she's left that smelly grilled cheese for big city livin'. Does everything with a washed out halo have to be a miracle? And if the lady was trying to contact us from the beyond, why would she be using water damage on an uglyass underpass as a medium? Now, crying tears of blood in a Brazilian basilica, THAT'S real stuff. I'm calling a bluff, yo. Pure American propaganda. She doesn't love you as much as she loves the Southern Hemisphere, get it?

If you want to show people you're alive and kicking, you can't be all vague about it. Why rely on faith and interpretation when you can just give it to us straight. Like J.C., he's not selling himself short on any damned sandwich. He's too busy swimming and having a wicked time on the internet. Yeah, that is truly the strangest link I have EVER posted.

posted by Neha
7:37 PM


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