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April 03, 2005

Oh, round here we ridin slow
we keep it gutta you should know
gettin crunk off in da club we gets low-oh-oh-oh

My audio o.c.d. has returned. I've been listening to 3 tracks on repeat for what seems like, and probably is, the whole weekend. There's been no alteration in order either:

Fire Fire - MIA, Diplo mix, MIA + The Bangles = shakeshake, jigglewiggle

Amazon - from same Priacy Funds Terrorism album. Amazon mixed with Ciara's Goodies. A special treat, I loves that girl Ciara. To me, she's a young/crunk/kickass version of Janet. JJ '05. Next tune is of course...

Oh - Ciara. Hooo hoo. That's a good tune. I wish I wasn't playing it over and over, it'll get that used goods feeling sooner. Watch the video at her highly terrible site, i'm only linking for the video goods, convieniantly located in the 'Eye Candy' section. Killer Ludacris appearance *swoon*. But it's all about Ciara, the lady can DANCE.

posted by Neha
7:55 PM


Blogger Neha said...

I'll check it alright, if goddamn SLSK would stop being such a baby and let me connect *hmph*.

I saw the vid the other day, Amerie totally reminds me of J-Lo, not as hot but with similar high pitch nasal squeal voice. My Ciara is going to kick your Amerie's ass, bwoy! C'mon, we know who's hotter, though Amerie has the better site...

4/04/2005 09:48:00 AM  

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