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April 15, 2005

Most who've travelled across India by car realize (by the life-size cardboard cut out display] India is divided into two parts: A. India and R. India, A = Amitabh Bachchan, R = Rajnikanth.

Bachchan's fame abroad is familiar, Rajnikanth, not so much. Seems like I've been in the dark. Rajni in JAPAN, forever stylin', respect forever. Wonder if the hair has anything to do with it? Or that deadly quick rotation of sunglasses from about hip level to nose? One thing is for sure, THIS IS AMAZING. The article puts it best: "Indian cinema has always been India's best goodwill ambassador.".

Now ALL you MILLIONS of readers know how I just love timepass visual tools. Here we have the Flickr Tag Browser and this puppy has a yummy flash design to boot.

The only thing better than psychoanalyzing people is doing so to strangers in blogular anonymity. He Looks Like...I hate to pick favourites but here it is. Ha!

The Manolo, how do I describe the playful brilliance of The Manolo. It will have to suffice to say, THE MANOLO IS THE MAIN MAN. The Thank Tank he is the awesome for sharing with the Neha. The people too they will be in the awe of The Manolo and his 3rd person.

Fine, one last one, ooooo I saved the juciest one for last. Ranting at creativity-starved celebs, you don't likey? Go Fug Yourself. I used to think Chloe Sevingny was a STAR dammit! Now, all I see is a pillowcase, over gangly legs, under grease-bucket hair. Ah, ladies, keep on fuggin', the crazies need reining in. Do it for the children!!!

Night Night.

posted by Neha
7:16 PM


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