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If work is worship...

April 15, 2005

...then it's time to get unholy. Sweet weekend goodness.

I've spent the week bidding tearful adios to my income. I need a couple of hip replacements and an M.R.I. or two to recoup my earnings, I'm serious. Seriously sad. The sponsorship scandal is NOT helping. Two days ago, I broke with tradition and vowed to vote Conservative next time. Then I read about the Conservative Kyoto flipflop. And vowed never to vote again, period. Cynicism will be the death of this fine country if the parliament monkeys don't get their shit together.

So, what's the plan-stan for this weekend? Umm, hopefully not the same destructive behaviour as last. Don't get me wrong, Get Juiced was a BLAST, best party in town. Great little English pub with kickass DJs, I heard DJ Shadow and Milli Vanilli in the same set, I was about to weep with joy ("ba-bababa-babay, don't forget mah numbah"). But the little evil Neha on my left shoulder kept wanting to drink. I'm a bit of a lightweight when it comes to Jesus Juice so I was wanting to take it easy that night.

Five whiskeys later...Jack was starting to look like John and my brain began shortening the gap between thought and vocal speech. Danger Danger. Here are the highlights, by whiskey:
1 whiskey - Oh Weeeee! What a fun party, lotsa cool people, Homesick and Prince are totally tanked. DJ Fathom is spinning some evil 90s stuff. There's Lease. Apologize for being a stalker and going google on her, she says nice things, "that's really great!", fawn over her lurvley photos, "thankyou, neha". *moves away slowly*

2 whiskey - Owwwwww! It's crazy Fraiser, he's saying funny things, I'm laughing hard. Kosher Cuts is on the deck. Slap Prince's ass HARD.

3 whiskey - Partying on, oh look, who is THAT fine lady? She looks familiar...is that Hunner's lady friend? Why yes, wooooooooot. Yell this sentiment loudly to Fraiser, lady in question can most certainly hear.

4 whiskey - Pinch Prince's ass, or whatever of it I could find. Tell him how gorgeous Hunner's girlfriend is. Then walk over to Hunner and repeat statement, "Hi Hunner, man, Hunner's girlfriend is amazingly hot!".

5 whiskey - Dying for a fag. Cannot feel my nose. Fathom's back and the crowd is loving him. Flirting madly with D-rock, I think he wants to take me back to his place, I think I'll let him...

No whiskey - Is it me or has the ground turned to jelly? Jai Shree Krisna and good night.

The next morning was not as fun. This weekend, I'm trying something a little healthier, some walks, some movies...some whiskey, ha!

posted by Neha
2:58 PM


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