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...and we just don't stop

April 06, 2005

Thanks to Majid Al Futtaim, Dubai gets it's own ski dome. Yes, it's going to be a complete rip off at $40 entry to a measley 200 foot slope (plus jackets, boots, ski rentals). This is rather a giant leap of faith on the investor's part, seeing as skiing is not exactly a common Arab past time.

As is the case with most things in Dxb, this attraction positively screams "Look what we can do to a bunch of sand!". Tacky festivals and tourist attractions aside, these are dizzying heights for an impossibly small patch of earth. Mmmm, small patch of earth, IMMA COMING TO SEE YOU MY PRETTY! Chillin with the fam, friends, old sights and smells, cheese/potato sandwich with Titanic juice. WOOT WOOT!

posted by Neha
7:45 PM


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