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March 06, 2005

spent last night watching 28 days later, very good phlim indeed. i highly recommend it to anyone in the mood for a zombie flick. story was quite a bit meatier than dawn of the dead (04 version). dawn wasn't bad, but the roots store in the so-called american mall just ruined it for me (the actual mall is a few minutes from where i work...in TORONTO). it's all about the details, innit?

with post-modern thoughts of the impending apocalypse fresh in my mind, i turned my attention to a brilliant doc on the aids epidemic on cbc newsworld titled, a closer walk. it's playing again at 10 pm tonight (eastern). for the amreekans, i dunno if your soul-less news networks are on to this puppy yet but check out the film's website for more information (trailer here).

a very educating, deeply saddening work. the segment on india is particularly shocking. the spread of aids in india is still only fresh in recent memory (in the history of infection). but it serves up a far worse future with incredibly high population growth.

one can't help but wonder:
1. why should it have to cost $500 a day for mass-produced drugs to stay alive?
2. why in india, do enough high profile actors/businessmen/socialite extraordinaire (i won't say politicians, that case is hopeless) not play a bigger role in the charity circuit?

...and why does charity not appear in any media spotlight, at least in my experience? there aren't too many 'for a good cause' type events to be read about in the countless glam rags. just a goodwill attempt or two of a bejewelled starlet opening her sister's, husband's, brother's, son's homeopathy centre. i'm not knocking the homeopathy, just the apathy to do anything that doesn't involve 'scratching' people's backs. you know, use the force us entertainment-starved masses have bequeathed on you to do something other than just fuck-about.

excuse me, i'm ranting...but you hear me, watch the doc.

posted by Neha
1:47 PM


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