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quit yer stalking, stalkey

March 01, 2005

my msn stalker is back, oh joy! bleddy fool that he is. we "met" many years ago at a little internet cafe in porbandar. his life has apparently never been the same again...and mine, well i'm "cold-hearted", so mine just went on as per usual. what is it with desi boys and stalking? looking back, in that year of '02 i was the 'hottest' thing in nikes to tread the porbandar marsh (you may think that conceited but then you've never been a pantaloon-ed girl in gujarat). from the many messages left for me i found out that our man was only in porbander on vacation from somewhere in england and that there is a serious dearth of eligible gujarati girls in brit-istan. what was this guy thinking? something like this probably: must make acquaintance by stealing msn i.d. after object of desire has vacated computer terminal, then must take home to show mummy so wedding plans may be made.

i repeat: what is it with indian boys and stalking?

i don't mean ALL boys, but i do find that a disproportionate amount of stalker stories i come across (in this land, that land, every land) involve a stalker of sub-continental bearing. i guess there's always......faaaaak, he's back! stop messaging me you eggit! ahem...yes, i guess there's always those freaky few that ruin it for the rest of the lads.

now, how do you block someone who's not on your contact list without having to change entire email i.d.? any suggestions?

posted by Neha
3:34 PM


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