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if i were a stalker...

March 10, 2005

...i would use this to create oodles of collages...of kal penn, of course:


i would plaster them, first, in the study (read 'closet'), then the dining room (read 'where my compu sits'), then the living room (read 'ugly couch-land'), and finally, in the bedroom (read 'eden'). at this point my mayn (that dude i live in sin with) would start worrying. and there would be no more harold & kumar for neha.

ah yes, every stalkey stalkerson needs a good montage generating application...

no, this post is not about stalking (again!). it is about grant robinson's genius. i've never had so much fun on a web-site (sounding like a big ol' agoraphobe aren't i?). you'll see what i mean. czech out the man's portfolio. he is truly wunderbar. all projects on main page are brilliantly crafted, who the hell knew inter[net]action could be so JHAKAAS!

posted by Neha
2:51 PM


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