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Parveen Babi - R.I.P., baby-doll

January 24, 2005

my first taste of the "bad-girl" (why " "? read 1/17 post) lifestyle were movies. funny thing that, t.v. was a no go in my house but my mummydaddy sure did love their 'phil-ims'. and so i stumbled upon the devilmaycare stylings of bolly starlet, parveen babi:


drink in one hand, fag in the other, new york life in the 80s, men, narcotics, and general all-out debauchery. she became mentally ill, went m.i.a., and returned only to succumb to seclusion. her body was found, dead, on the 22nd in her juhu flat. no food in her stomach and no one to claim her body.

my father apparently spent the day watching Amar Akbar Anthony and saying "wat a sad one, that, no, neha?". yes indeed, we love ya p.bibi, you'll be tugging these heartstrings for all of time.

posted by Neha
8:44 PM


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