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1 post per week? booo, neha, boooooooo!

January 15, 2005

here's the excuse: i was training people all week and my life became a script and my jokes became rehearsed and so i spared everyone the read...stop rolling your eyes fools! i mean, 'phools', dear readers, much obliged, 'thankyou come again'.

now lets get down to bidness...

i'm watching khal nayak on the tube, i now know what's behind madhuri dixit's choli. sorry maddie, those mammary sponges are unreal (not as in 'off the hook' but as in 'not real'). this was THE look in 1993, i say this with authori-tay, having been a vicitm myself of mirrored choli with absorbant upper torso. all is fair in the name of choreographed dance. anyhoo, i'm watching the sexational 'choli ke peeche' {behind the blouse} dance segment. just reminiscing about how this tune's 'double meaning' (tta ttas vs. heart) had caused such a controversy. i mean, the woman may be singing about padding but there is no dearth of textile on her body. she's swimming in the red stuff like paris hilton in hair extentions (off with the horse hair, paris!). yet the twisted lyrics were such a scandal, 'how can we let the children hear such things, how i say!?'. so they turned their tellys off and hungrily mobbed the cinemas to watch this sad piece of bollywood history. go figure...

here's a piece to follow for those in search of sonic salvation, this girley is griming her way into my 'sponges', MIA (...miamiabobeeya). her dad's a tamil tiger, he could kick your ass...in fact, she could probably kick your ass. k.i.l.l.e.r. high priority download. i think she's playing in new york this weekend, stupid new york. well, hilary duff did t.o. last night, so there...*cue weeping*

as for my weekend, i'm heading downtown for a quiet night out. at the ol' victory pub, it's not poetry night tonight thank jeebus. no, it's just sitting around with some g & t and a hint of frostbite night. okay, TA TA!

one more thing, paresh? 'clitty stiffy' is an awful term, please use 'clitoral erection' next time, you douche...ha!

posted by Neha
11:13 AM


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