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a sad day in paradise.

December 29, 2004

In memory of everyone affected by the earthquake in South & Southeast Asia...

"Suppose there is a hereafter and there is a fruit, result, of deeds done well or ill. Then it is possible that at the dissolution of the body after death, I shall arise in the heavenly world, which is possessed of the state of bliss.
"Suppose there is no hereafter and there is no fruit, no result, of deeds done well or ill. Yet in this world, here and now, free from hatred, free from malice, safe and sound, and happy, I keep myself."

-Kalama Sutta

"Just as it is the jar which being removed from one place to another changes places and not the all pervading space enclosed in the jar, so is the embodied soul which resembles the space. "
-Amritabindupanishad, Mantras 13 & 14

"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return." -Genesis 3:19
"From the earth have We created you, and into it We shall return you and from it shall We bring you forth once more."

-Surah 20:5

Each quote, its respective faith, bearing its weight in a thousand (and more) years only serves to remind of greater loss. The loss of an unknown, untold, and now forever-silenced system of beliefs belonging to the Andamanese Negritos of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Before disaster struck, the total population of all the Andamanese tribes together was 500, today there is little hope of it numbering even in the tens.

"The Andamanese Negrito are a people of the strangest genetic, cultural, linguistic and social connections and characteristics. No other living human population has experienced such long-lasting isolation from contact with other groups. It is as certain as such a thing can be at the present state of our knowledge that they represent the least changed survivors of the first migration of homo sapiens into Asia. Theirs is the most ancient surviving way of life on earth today."

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8:44 PM


December 27, 2004

winter just hasn't been the same without...

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...can i get some "amen" action here?

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8:47 PM


Gently stepping into blogpool...

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2:55 PM